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Hot stone massage

Our Hot Stone Massage offers massage techniques that go back many thousands of years.

This therapy has become one of the most popular over the last ten years. Working in harmony with massage, this hot and cold stone massage technique places the stones on the client's body and also in the therapist’s hands.



When you need to relax the body at its deepest level.

When you need to balance both body and mind.



The heat gently penetrates the skin and muscles, helping the client to relax and de-stress in double quick time. Essential oils can also be used, and other techniques like lymphatic drainage or reflexology can also benefit from hot stone massage.



Native tribes of Hawaii and Tibet, American Indians and Chinese practitioners have used this therapy to
help treat medical problems and ease tension in the mind and also dealing with the body making it a holistic whole body treatment.

Using stones can penetrate the muscle fibres to a deeper level than manual massage alone, allowing it to be more effective for your body and mind.